Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week Three, Day Three

Today was a "light" day at the house: after working a full day at school (ok, with a fair amount of sitting around gossiping behind closed doors), I arrived at the house around 5:30. An insurance guy came out to the house to make sure they weren't insuring a total wreck of a house, which gave me yet another forum to brag about my house. After kindly agreeing that the house only has some "minor repairs" left to do, the insurance guy left, leaving me to work on my least favorite necessary task: priming. I have an extreme aversion to priming, mainly because it involves meticulously coating a pure-white wall with pure-white paint: it's the ultimate game of Where's Waldo as I press my nose up against the wet wall trying to determine where I have already painted. How can anything that ends up being invisible possibly be important? Nonetheless, I did finish the priming of the bathroom and also patched up some areas of the dining room floor with some cement-like goop.

More excitingly, I got soome new furniture, including a cute little country-style rocking chair, an end table to match the other one next to the couch, and an adorable little hutch for in the kitchen. My mom was definitely on a roll with the furniture today. Finally, we picked out the paint colors for the living room and sun room, which are called "sunray" and "hayloft", respectively.

Things are really shaping up! Big plans for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Stay tuned!

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