Sunday, September 12, 2010

Window, fencing, and lessons

I have done a 180. Where once I was lazy, now I persevere. Where once I sat idle, now I soldier on. I have grown and matured. I have evolved.

Do you believe that? I am clearly feeling BIG! After working very, very hard all weekend, I am extremely happy with the amount of progress that we made. We got the window that replaced the dangerous door to the roof completely installed, and now just the siding and drywall need to be completed. Pictures will be up of the new window next weekend.

Most importantly, we got the a huge amount of work done on the new fence! Since Spirit and Quickie are not happy campers when they are together in the pasture, I need to keep them separate. Thus, we embarked upon the task of replacing the temporary fence with permanent fence. My dad, Danny, and Zak put in hard hours with me. THANKS EVERYONE!!

To help cut costs, I bought all the materials myself (350) and borrowed an auger from my uncle, who owns a fencing company. The auger, with its little Honda motor on wheels, looked like it could double as a moon-exploration robot.
As can easily be observed in this picture, the auger blade became woefully stuck in the earth about 4 feet down. So, the first 2 hours of our project involved digging that auger out painstakingly by hand. We learned much about patient and perseverance.
After that, things moved along quickly.
I had to tamp the posts (we just used dirt 3 feet deep) in the pouring rain.

While we tried stretching the fence with a homemade come-along attached to the truck's frame (since of course our truck does not have a rear bumper!), it was unsuccessful and we stretched by hand. Not bad, considering!

We still have to put up the wire fence down all those empty posts. Something to look forward to for next week!!

As an aside, I also wanted to add a few pics from my peach and pear selling business (seasonal only, email for pricing...:~)). Steph came and helped me, especially lending her art skills to the bag decorations.

Next Sunday I am having a housewarming party for my family, and my mom has kindly offered to help me get things ready. I see a striped dining room in my future!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It is probably sadly evident by now that I have grown very lazy when it comes to house work. Positive reframe: I am enjoying life, which allows me to free myself from the tyranny of home improvement. As my dad says, there is an old curse: "May you always have ongoing home improvement projects."

But, I jest. Actually I am full of horse manure, literally and figuratively. I have spent the last week getting to know my horse and working on barn projects. I will be working on the permanent fence ($350) this weekend (hopefully). Also, there continues to be a list a mile long of things to be done. Today, I forgive myself.

Tomorrow: words of encouragement needed.