Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horses, little cat, and happy farm life

Good news: the value of the house has increased by 50% since the purchase 6 months ago!!!!! This is amazing news.

Even better, though, is that I get to enjoy the house every day and know that my horses are safe and secure here. There is nothing quite like your horses galloping up to you after a hard, long day. I am working towards tolerating the cold a bit better, as I'd like to spend more time grooming, cleaning the pasture, and hand-grazing both horses. They seem to really enjoy the hand grazing (of course at the moment there is a foot of snow on the ground, which limits the grazing opportunities) in the front yard, but it's a balancing act for me--Quickie knows the drill and stands fairly well on a long lunge line, while Spirit tugs on the short lead rope and drags the two of us all around the little grassy spot in the front yard. They better get their grazing in while they can, because that section of grass will be NO MORE this summer, when I fill the whole area with homegrown veggies and beans. Personal sustainability, here I come!

Here are the horses enjoying the cold:

Quickie is quite the round fuzzball this time of year!

Spirit has a gorgeous face! Too bad his photographer is so uncoordinated...


Spirit looks to the barn, willing me to walk in and prepare feed buckets...
Here's Little Cat....I was trying to record her weird little sound she makes in lieu of meowing (she makes is like 100 times a day at least). Anyway, she makes it toward the beginning of this clip but it's hard to hear. (I thought that the dirty clothes on the floor added a certain realism to this clip.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Bathroom