What is the Obama Housing Project?

The Obama Housing Project began with a dream.....ok, dramatic opening, but it's true! Eight months ago, I was a graduate students on a small fixed income (woefully still accurate) who wanted nothing more than a farmhouse out in the country. In my best moments, I thought that I would barely be able to make the mortgage payments, yet the dream refused to be crushed. Although I am incredibly disinterested in government concerns on the whole, in my house search I became increasingly interested in the First Time Homebuyer's Credit. This was a part of one of Obama's stimulus plans. I have no idea how this worked out for the country at large (I hear we are doing a "double-dip"), but I know this: Obama's housing credit was my ticket to owning the house of my dreams.

This blog follows my efforts to carefully use Obama's housing credit to make my house functional and beautiful.And, I guess I have a hope somewhere that perhaps someone else will be inspired to take a risk for their dream (cheesy, but again, true).