Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week Four, Day Three

Another successful day! I am beginning to overcome my compulsive desire to know how to do (and personally implement) all things "house". This was mainly accomplished as I noticed my total lack of frustration and dread as I entered the house to find my bathroom sink largely installed. I observed in myself that not doing any work is surprisingly relaxing...

Two trips to the hardware store today. Once was a walk-through to buy more rollers (my new secret weapon to painting is avoiding sub-par tools...or at least replace sub-par tools frequently) and to pick out more sample baseboard. This now constitutes a fun after-work activity, so lives do change. The second was a rushed trip with my brother and the generous friend of my mom's who is helping me. We purchased new faucet handles for the clothes washer...exciting. It was rather fulfilling to get the washer working, though.

As my FIRST EVER cupcakes prepared in the new house were fluffing up in the oven, I spent a few minutes edging and painting in the bathroom. I completed one wall and enjoyed myself thoroughly using the most adorable mini-roller of all time. The ridiculousness of using another brush to "paint" the paint onto the roller was even offset by how much fun tiny things are. I find that when painting alone, a girl must take some joy where she can find it.

While painting, I took a moment to develop the following weekend goals:
1. Lay the dining room floor.
2. Finish painting the living room, no matter how tiresome this becomes.
3. Lay the baseboard trim in the sun room.
4. Invite guests over for Sunday dinner!

This thinking-while-painting thing is very effective. One of my greatest ideas in recent days (which is still saying a lot, as I tend to develop many creative ideas each day that are easily strewn aside/given up on/otherwise rejected) is to...

...since it is a great plot device, I will live this cliff hanger until tomorrow.

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