Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week Four, Weekend

Well, there are times when having a more intimate (read: family/friends) following for your blog is a good thing. One such time is when you have set some very laudable but perhaps slightly unrealistic goals which were subsequently lost in the hustle. This weekend was one such time in what will likely be a steady flow of goals belatedly obtained (but nonetheless obtained!).

All that is just saying that I was not quite able to reach my four weekend goals. In fact, I would give myself a scanty 75% on just one of the goals. I managed to get most of the living room painted--just one more wall needs one more coat, then I will be taking my painting party up the stairwell. I also got much of the furniture arranged in a semi-pleasing arrangement. I picked out a new shower curtain rod that isn't ridiculously small and got my curtain up (must cherish any accomplishment these days).

As I like to say, last week I was "big" and was able to set some large goals. I wasn't so very big this weekend, but I still did something and was able to cut myself some slack. I did get a plant diagnostician (aka boyfriend of a friend) to take a look at my plants on Saturday, which revealed that my apples are shot for the season due to a fungus, but it seems that I am "lucky" that my fruit trees are separated by a house, as the peaches and pears are flourishing. Those are exactly my kinds of plants--low maintenance yet high achieving. A new metaphor for life!

Let's hope I grow in psychological stature this week...much to be done, and only a thirty year mortgage to get it done in...

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