Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week Four, Day Two

And on the slothful day, she rested.

At least, that is very nearly true. The only house work that I did today was (shocker!) painting. I added a coat of my favorite sunny yellow paint before leaving for school.

This brief hiatus from new home information calls for a flashback.

Picture it: having spent months searching for the right house, I had finally found "the one". This I could say with utter certainty from the very first moment (this, incidentally, is both a blessing and a curse, as I tend to form immediate, strong opinions that are rarely swayed with new information. On this particular occasion, it was a blessing.) The battle that ensued to actually obtain the house was an unexpected battle to keep my sanity. Problem after problem occurred, with most of them centering around the poor planning and inefficiency of my bank. I was not aided by the seller's lackluster approach to salesmanship. My whole experience could be summed up in the adage "hurry up and wait". I would rush to get my earnest money to the seller, having been informed that it was needed that day literally minutes before the bank would close, then wait days and days to even hear a response. The banker's utter lack of interest in the whole affair meant a trying four or five weeks from offer to actual transfer of the deed.

I could go on for quite a while about the fiasco which was my home purchase (exception: my realtor was charming throughout), but I am told that I have a tendency toward negative fantasy and slight rumination, so I will cap myself here. Tomorrow, I am back from the dredges of schoolwork and into bathroom repair.

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