Sunday, August 29, 2010

2+2+2=Balanced Home

At this point in my life, my house contains my brother and me (2), Little Cat and Zooey (2), and Quickie and Spirit (2). We are a perfectly balanced home! Today was Spirit's first day here, and I must say that both horses have handled it with aplomb. Quickie has been moved to the back pasture, where he has a large run-in stall and a nice-sized pasture of tall grasses. He is gradually being introduced to Spirit under close supervision, as their first meeting involved Quickie cantering circles around Spirit, which finally culminated in a few light kicks from Spirit (don't worry, Quickie is fine!). By the time I had introduced them 5 or 6 times, they were able to graze peacefully about 20 feet apart. Nonetheless, they are being pastured separately until I can be confident that no serious violence will ensue. Here's one of their meetings:

Obviously it is hard to focus on house work when there is so much excitement going on in the backyard. However, I have maintained some semblance of focus. This weekend I replaced all the trim in the kitchen (except two sections which were not cut right to begin with), did a little fix on the dining room floor, and started cutting the trim (this was MUCH harder than anticipated and appears to take a mind much more poised to do insta-geometry than mine). Little by little, this house will get finished! My mom's friend will be repairing the bathroom door, which will become a window for safety reasons, and I'm going to keep chugging on the kitchen and trim. Here's to a fun and productive week!

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  1. The horse introduction pictures are some of the cutest blogging
    I have ever seen :-)