Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week Seven, Day Four

I'm back from the convention! I had a great time and learned a lot. I also couldn't help but think about all the things that I want to do for the house! I have from today until next Sunday (so about 9 days) to work very consistently on the house before school resumes. Today I stained the baseboards for the dining room, as well as the room connectors that make a smooth segue between different types of floors. I became aware of the extent to which oak stains better than pine. Lesson learned! I also did considerable cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. I began "cleaning" the grout in the bathroom by using a colored grout pen to re-whiten it. It died after only encircling a few tiles' worth of a grout! Useless! I was forced to cover the difference with a small rug. I also purchased more tongue and groove flooring (160 plus 25 for underlayment). I will be putting it in the kitchen on Tuesday!

Quickie and I took a walk for exercise and to remind him of his ground manners (he did very well). He became incredibly excited when he caught wind (literally) of some horses that live down the street and in fact nearly refused to return home. His whinnying and prancing lasted several minutes thereafter (fortunately he has a very very short memory). I am trying to decide if this is evidence for or against getting another horse...

Well since I only have small things to show progress on, I will post a picture of Little Cat instead (he is comfortable with the potential for notoriety in my posting his photo on here).
Look how he's grown from his first day at the new house to now!

Little Cat has an unusual disease called dirty nose syndrome. There is no known cure.

Finally: Congratulations are in order. Practically everyone I associate with, including ME, will be graduating on Saturday. This will be me soon! (Actual image: my brother's graduation last year!)

Nice and fuzzy. Just like it will look like from 100 rows back.

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  1. I'm glad Little Cat has Dirty Nose Syndrome, instead of the dreaded. . . SBS. . . . Stinky Butt Syndrome. My parents' cat managed to pick up THAT bug, and let me tell you, it isn't pretty. Glad you're back! G'night Coda, and see you Saturday!!!!