Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making room for Spirit: Barn clean up!

My project over the last few days has been getting the barn and pasture ready for a new member of the family: Spirit! He is a beautiful 7-year old thoroughbred who was neglected. He will now have a loving home, and I've been working on making it safe and functional for him. He is a very sweet horse and a lovely personality. He is also low on the pecking order among horses, meaning that my mini stallion might have an opportunity to retain "top horse"! It'll be interesting to see if ultimately it is about the size of the horse or the size of the horse's ego! It reminds me of my efforts (typically successful) in intimidating my nearly 6 foot tall boyfriend as a 5 foot 2 woman...

Anyway, here are some pictures showing the barn's transition to a nice place for Spirit.I have a one-acre pasture in the front of the house, and a one acre pasture in the back. The second pasture needs some additional fencing, so my dad and I put up a temporary fence until my great-uncle comes on Saturday to give me an estimate. It came out pretty well for a $5.50 price tag! I am duly impressed with myself. Speaking of which, this very blog has been gaining much-anticipated notoriety. For those few of you who are lucky enough to have been on the ground floor, congratulations. Everyone else: welcome!
The barn was full of old wood, posts, GIANT spiders (literally, a brown recluse was dangling from the rafters), and leftover fencing.

As you can see, there are plenty of places for a variety of disgusting bugs, moles, ground hogs, and mice to hide in there. No more!

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