Monday, August 2, 2010

Week Six, Day One

Today was a successful day! Having once again struck an excellent balance between schoolwork and housework (with a lovely addition of sloth), I was able to cross almost everything off my antique Italian-baker chalkboard!

I rewarded myself with lots of visits to the cookie jar and a copious amount of saltines (I am reminded of why I don't stock the cookie and cracker jars. Even as I write this, my computer keys are slowly jamming with cracker crumbs). So I did quite a lot of schoolwork, "regular" housework like cleaning and washing dishes, than went to Lowe's in the evening. We got the baseboard picked out (simple shoe molding in stainable poplar), bought some stain, a glue/caulking gun for me (fun!), some finishing nails, and an entrance sloping jam-thing for the door (bad description--I can't remember what he called it). Tomorrow I will be putting the bathroom trim back up, which should draw the bathroom work to a close, except for whitening the grout with a white grout pen. The whole first floor is really looking great, and I am seriously thinking that a housewarming could be on the horizon.

Financially speaking, I am still doing reasonably well. I have spent about $2400 on the house so far. In terms of more expensive projects, I have the kitchen walls to fix, shelves to put up, and two windows to replace. These are things that I definitely need to do. On my wish list is to get a back deck, redo the kitchen floor, fix the upstairs bathroom, finish the fence in the back pasture, redecorate my office....and on and on! Of these, I do think I may lay the same floor as in the sun room and dining room in the would add flow, plus look SO much more beautiful and country than the yucky white vinyl. Still, I am finally getting to the things that are more "polishing" than "frantic repairs". This is a relief.

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  1. I think you should blog about Quickie's new Very Best Bosom Buddy, Ruby. Just a thought. . .