Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six Rules of Home Repair

Sometimes, despite best intentions, you will fail.

This is what I've been telling myself today and I am largely believing it. Although I truly awoke this morning expecting to have a completed floor by nightfall, this did not occur. In fact, the flooring itself is not even in my house yet! There seems to be a sort of unexpected delay at the hardware store. So instead of working all day, I ended up napping and going to dinner. I guess some days you get a break unexpectedly.

All my rest time had me thinking about what I've learned so far in my housing quest, which I think can be boiled down to a few simple ideas:

1. Don't give up.
2. Set goals and be prepared to re-set them day after day.
3. Don't go to Lowe's if you can avoid it. If you must go, obtain a 10% off coupon to make it tolerable.
4. On that note, be assertive at the hardware store. No matter what they say, they will ignore women.
5. Learn to appreciate the beauty of your own best work (in my case this means accepting my inability to make accurate measurements and lack of precision with a saw).
6. We are all more capable than we realize. Who knew that a girl with my (0) interest in home improvement would pull inch-long staples out of softwood stairs til all hours of the night? Give yourself room to surprise yourself.

Well I've imparted enough wisdom (!) for one day...hopefully the floor comes tomorrow. Oh! And I nearly forgot to mention the best news: the check came today!!! Thank you Mr. President and your minions at the treasury for sending me a cool 7500 today!

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